More or Less: An Art Offering from Jen Lemen

More or Less: An Art Offering from Jen Lemen

What happens when you say out loud what’s missing? What happens when you finally let yourself admit what’s too much?

I created this art several years ago in the quiet of my little attic studio when I was asking myself the same questions. For years, this piece sat in the stacks of my office until I found myself at the beginning of a new chapter. Suddenly everything I had longed for so many years ago had a space to become. Our lives were opening into a new expanse where more (and less) made perfect sense. We were ready to live in the truths of these little KAPOW! bubbles as our friend Alyssa likes to call them. We had the desire and drive and longing to actually put these particular more or lesses into motion. Today, I’m really excited to be able to offer this print to you. It’s been a very long while since I released any art into the world, but these stacks and the wonder of a new home and some amazing much needed changes have inspired me to let this lovely find a home with you.

Professionally printed on satin finish art paper, this piece measures 18×24 inches and centers nicely with a natural border in a ready made IKEA frame or in an exact size poster frame from your local art shop.

I’m sending each print out with a handwritten blessing to remind you that you can have more and less of exactly what you need to connect with your loved ones in a beautiful and gentle way.

Print run is limited to 100 copies; we expect these to go quickly, so order now.

$39 plus $6 shipping/handling August 14: SOLD OUT


  1. I love this poster! It captures all the ideas that I’m struggle to put into action and would be a great visual reminder for me and my whole family. Plus I have always loved your art but didn’t get a chance to buy any before your etsy shop closed.
    Is there a cost?

  2. sorry about that anne, it’s $39 plus $6 shipping/handling

  3. Did I miss a button to push? How could I have ordered it? I was happy to pay the cost. Thanks.

  4. Jen:

    I truly ADORE this picture. I just found this. Can I order one now?

    Thank you,

  5. Please print more, Jen!!! So many people would benefit from its message 🙂

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