What to Do In a (Soul) Emergency

What to Do In a (Soul) Emergency

It’s Wednesday morning and as far as we know, no one knows who’s responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings.

In some office building somewhere a hundred investigators are picking up clues like puzzle pieces, wondering who masterminded the explosions in Boston yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile, families explain to their little children what happened while loved ones receive treatment and help for wounds seen and unseen.

One flash, one choice and everything changes.

In times like this we tend to look at how things are falling apart. We see what’s broken in us. We rage at whatever wounds or wickedness would incite another human being to wield harm on another.

But on Monday, in the flash, in the horror, some people chose to run toward the wounded. Some did everything in their power to help. And receiving that help I am positive required a particular kind of courage. When you’re terrified and in pain and confusion, it’s hard to let someone touch you, especially if at first you might feel that pain even more.

Not every helper is skilled. Not every wounded soul is gracious. Sometimes we rail. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we resist or run away or refuse. Even when everyone around us is doing their very best.

Today, as a part of the human family, you and I both have an opportunity to make connections that make a difference. We can move toward the wounded people in our lives. We can let in help where we are hurting. We can say we belong, that we are together, that we are not leaving, no matter how scary it gets. No matter how helpless or awkward we feel when it’s not clear what to do.

Not every bomb makes a sound. Not every wound generates a cry. Some injuries are silent. Some souls never ever say where it hurts. Some tragedies happen without either party saying a word.

Today I’m tying a little string around my wrist to remind me to receive when someone comes close to a place where I am hurting. I’m doing this to remind me to give when I suspect someone might be suffering, so I can be part of the rising contingent of souls who stay and don’t run away when we need or are needed the most.

As always, feel free to pass this on to a friend…the little bits of goodness below might be particularly helpful for families or anyone you know who’s feeling scared or anxious from the week’s events.

Love and hope,

Not sure where to start? Download this easy-to-follow family friendly PDF to help you and your loved ones practice giving and receiving for the soul emergencies that are happening everyday all around us in our world.

Terrified by the violence? Overcome with fear? Listen to this soothing seven-minute meditation from Jen to ease the troubled mind, especially designed for the worried five year old who lives in your heart.


  1. Thank You! The seven minute meditation by Jen in the link “what to do in a soul emergency, truly saved me this week. Struggling with the marathon tragedy and the “what if” my son hadn’t left the finish line with his friends when he did, had me in a numb daze of darkness. Finding Jen’s meditation brought me to another place that made me realize I was being too hard on my self and I needed to take care of that little girl on my lap and be easier on my self.( I felt guilty to be feeling sad when I was so fortunate he was alive and unharmed) I then let myself have the feelings I was having and I have felt things start to ease ever so slightly. You brought me to a better place. Thank You

  2. Cindy Franklin says:

    So perfect…thank you very much!!

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