The WE Operating System (WEoS)
Hopeful World has developed the WEoS, a responsive operating system designed to help elite learners collaboratively create solutions to pressing problems requiring grounded solutions. The WEoS offers a way to work together, where creativity, curiosity, intellectual rigor, patience and keen insight are employed for the sake of breakthrough insight. By acknowledging the importance of emotional wisdom as well as intuitive discernment, the WEoS makes space for personal expertise, hunches and real life experience while cultivating a sense of order and collective purpose.

webHopeful World provides consulting, guidance and on-the-ground education for teams and partners seeking to work collaboratively while fostering togetherness in service to social change. Our global partner, The World Education Foundation uses the WEoS to assemble and integrate flash teams of technologists, academics and on-the-ground practitioners to create seamless design in integrating solutions across borders.

Hopeful World Participatory Action Research (PAR) Lab
Participatory Action Research (PAR) is a collaborative research model that promotes learning through collective inquiry. Grounded in the history of social movements and community based learning, Hopeful World utilizes PAR to uncover knowledge rooted in the lives of individuals and communities actively seeking change. Our research process prioritizes partnership with marginalized voices often overlooked or neglected in traditional research frameworks as well as ancient learning technologies such as story. This close to the ground approach enables us to obtain data that mirrors both the behavior economics as well as the emotional drivers that shape the human experience.

ringsOur ongoing inquiry into the informal economy, systems of sharing and collaborative learning helps us generate insights that impact economic and technology development projects through our collaborations with The World Education Foundation.