In our hopeful world, sage wisdom is cultivated collaboratively, by listening deeply to our teachers — to the stories and places where their work is alive and vibrant because they know it from the inside out. We hear the voices of wisdom from all over the world, knowing that hidden voices must be represented for our collective learning to be complete and to create a shared future that is honest and whole.

It is with this focus on togetherness that we conspire with people and organizations to uncover the wisdom we share. It is in this spirit of collaboration that our classes are created.

In turn, these transformational learning experiences fuel economic development lead by emerging global leaders. Ten percent of the total revenue from Hopeful World is invested in their projects. We do this in solidarity and partnership, understanding that the personal, practical and political solutions we crave come from our collaborative efforts.

This isn’t simple — especially for Western thinkers like us used to pushing ahead and doing it our own way. That’s why we have our Hopeful World chickens, hunting and pecking on our site. Read the story of the chickens here.

We established Hopeful World with the hope that together we would learn the magic of the “we” by healing the places in our “I” where we resist the kind of humility and gentleness required for a new world. Learn more about our mentoring programs here.