meet the chicks

Why all these chicks, hunting and pecking on our site? Our chicks (and the books these girls are holding) tell us the story of Odette and Innocent — two scrappy kids who decided that they wanted to learn how to help themselves and others at the same time by forming a chicken/egg-selling cooperative with their friends. Together with 12 friends, ages 7 to 14, Odette and Innocent established one of the most vibrant and cohesive cooperative endeavors their refugee camp had ever seen. Over the course of the year, through their shared efforts this little cohort was able to send five children to school, cover everyone’s basic clothes, shoes and pencil needs and even make loans to the adults in their community.

These little chicks have become a symbol for us of what we want for Hopeful World… a place where we can learn how to help ourselves and others at the same time.